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This community is set up for canon-detail-obsessing Draco maniacs to discuss what to put in the tripjinx site, and other maintenance issues etc. Anyone who feels like contributing their ideas will be welcomed to join.

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Monday, August 30th, 2010

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[ thought ] The Worth of Draco Malfoy series

Hi, all. I'm Monique, a new member to the group. I wish I had known about this group earlier; this group seems like one of the few places on the internet where people actually see some merit to Draco as a character and his importance to the Harry Potter series. In short, I've very glad to have found this group.

I'm here to pique your interest about a series of essays I've been writing for a while on Draco Malfoy, called "The Worth of Draco Malfoy". I've always been angry at how people write off Draco as a character just because he's bigoted and a bully. Sure, he's those things, but to what degree is he those things and doesn't he have as much right to change as Snape did? Even Snape got a bit of an out when he explained his whole life story while he was dying! Anyway, my series is to show that there is worth to Draco and that he does have the ability to change for the better, even if the series didn't give him that chance. Some of my posts are funny, while others are pretty serious and draw parallels to real-life situations. Also, I have made my series into a free ebook, so if you like them but want to read them on the go, you can feel free to download it. I hope you like reading them, and I look forward to the chance to post to this group in the future.

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

[ @ time ] 3:29 pm


Hey! I thought I'd get a move on with this tripjinx site, what with the HBP release soon, and being inspired by some well-done well-done other fansites. So, if there's still an interest, please say. Or conversely, if there isn't - no point in going to a lot of effort if everyone's pretty much not bothered any more.

So! Looking around, I've got a sense of what this site can include, so here's a semi-outline. Obviously everything's totally up for discussion, and suggestions eagerly welcomed, etc. etc. I'd really like this to be a group effort, since I for one know very little about building websites, for example. But I figure between us all (there's a good 70 people here, iirc?) there's probably lots of knowledge on lots of subjects aside from Draco Malfoy!
So - me=not!boss. Me= only bossy enough to want to steam ahead. So if something sucks, or something isn't included, there's no permission asking or whatever, just say 'This sucks, moron!'

Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004

[ @ time ] 12:55 pm


[ thought ] Canon Draco
[ mood of the moment ] nerdy

I will use encouraging this community as an excuse to prattle on...

Reading some discussions today I was thinking how I do so much thinking about Draco as a character, and yet a lot of the time I feel like I'm not digging deeper into the character so much as just pointing out what's in the text. I feel like a lot of the time I'm stripping away fanon just to get to what we actually have.

But this particular fanon is called canon.Collapse )

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

[ @ time ] 7:23 pm


[ thought ] Draco, Snape and the Narrative Structure

Well, I thought this community could use some action.;-)

We all seem to have different ideas of why Draco is in the books, in the first place. Some people think that his role is not really that big at all, that he’s only there to serve as a link to the DE:s and be a bully, and that his character will be less and less important for the remaining books.

This has always seemed more or less bizarre to me, because why would JKR have made him such a prominent character in the first place, if all she means for him to do in the future, is fade away into oblivion?

Examples of what, exactly, JKR has done to set up Draco as a character who’s meant to transcend his stereotypeCollapse )

Speaking of which, another thing that makes me confident that Draco will be one of those characters who will have a significant role to play in the overall arch of the story (along with Ron, Hermione, Snape, Sirius, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Neville and Ginny) are all the parallels JKR has set up between him and other important characters. I like the way he can be seen as a reflection of each and everyone in the trio, and I’ve already tried to examine the parallels he has with Ron. But a subject I haven't touched so far, and which I've rarely seen addressed by others, is something that really struck me as "sledge-hammer-obvious" since the very first time I read PS. I'm talking about the parallels between Draco and Snape.

Snape and Draco reflect and compliment one another. It can't be that one is important and the other one is not.Collapse )

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

[ @ time ] 6:20 pm


[ thought ] Bullies and HP
[ mood of the moment ] blah

I paid my first visit to fictionalley park in ages, and to my surprise the 'You Draco fangirls are so screwed' thread is still going on as new posters have joined. And there's a very interesting take on the Harry/Draco dynamics that I won't say is one of its own, but does differ from all the viewpoints I've come across somewhat. Lysette says:Collapse )

I remember sistermagpie has referred to Draco as Harry's moral touchstone ('Am I as arrogant as Malfoy?' 'I don't want anything Malfoy thinks is good'), and that's what the girl is saying here too. -On a sidenote, I would say Harry 'uses' Dudley the same way too, behaviors that resemble that of Dudley are big no-no's, eg. bullying and being spoilt- She goes on to illustrate just how normal Draco and James really are in an ordinary school setting, which I agree. The only significant difference I think, will be that Draco essentially has a KKK fanatic for a father, and that because of the upcoming war, he will be forced to choose whether to join force with a bunch of terrorists at a relatively young age. (Such things of course don't happen to ordinary teenagers, jocks or not.) HP readers thus view what Draco says and does as having implications much more grave than they truly are. Like, Draco calling Hermione a mudblood is not the same as say somebody in my high school calling a fellow student a 'Chink', because there seems to be a larger chance Draco will actually do something to follow through his words? But haven't we also seen in both POA and GOF, that Draco did not physically hurt nor let someone physically hurt Hermione when he got just such chance to? *shrugs*

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004

[ @ time ] 7:31 pm


[ thought ] Movie!Draco vs. Canon!Draco

Hello, tripjinxers. I think the time is right for me to speak up -- and what better topic than movie!Draco as opposed to canon!Draco? Answer: lots, probably. But this is what I was thinking about today. Slow day, yes.

A few reports have gone up about the TF’s fan club launch, most notably this one and Newsround,
of course.

But cutting to the chase — there’s a scene in GOF where Draco runs across the school naked! Apparently, Tom says this is in the next film, talking to a girl at the launch when she asks about the ferret scene. ETA: he may have been joking, but excuse me while I freak out anyway and use this very minor happening as an excuse to obsess about Draco. I’ll carry on, then. (says the obsessed fan)

I don’t think I’m alone in having the ferret scene as one of my favorite Draco scenes in the books. The refusal to cry and the Crabbe’s willingness to pick the ‘shivering white ferret’ who was ‘bouncing off the walls and squealing with pain’—how could you remain unmoved? It’s a scene that showcases a lot of what I love about Draco and something that really shapes my sympathy for him.

I think a lot of us have been smelling bad treatment of this scene for a while. Personally, I don’t like Draco’s treatment in the movies, mainly because a lot of it centers around making Draco someone I’m not interested in, a villain without context. The spontaneous klepto behavior in Flourish and Blotts, for one. And a deeper problem in COS, Draco’s statement about Hermione and the basilisk. In my book (and JKR’s), stating you want that annoying girl in Potions killed in front of her two best friends in public as a show of bravado, is a lot different than saying so to your two best friends in the privacy of your common room. Little Draco with his big mouth becomes a lot more sinister instead of merely annoying. I also hated the punch scene in POA, which massacred Hermione’s character as well as Draco’s. (What happened to Draco’s surprise and refusal to slap her back, even verbally? And no self-respecting teenage boy cries in front of his two best friends and his two best enemies when confronted with a skinny girl and her skinny fist, even if she’s the best student in the year. Especially when she’s the best student in the year and you aren’t. I mean, a lot of things are done in private at that age – a lot of things — and crying for Daddy, for Jason Isaac’s sake, is one of them.) I guess that’s what I don’t like about Draco’s treatment in the movies, he becomes a villain without context, context that makes his actions not forgivable but at least understandable for those of us who care.

Now that this little tidbit about the ferret scene in GOF has come to play, I can’t help but feel it’ll be one of those ‘the villain gets kicked to the curb while the good kids laugh, as it is His Due’. And then, rah, rah, *throws rocks*. I feel it’ll ignore the bigger problem — a teacher has gone mad and is abusing the kids, for Alan Rickman’s sake.

In my defense, I thought the COS mudblood scene and POA Buckbeak scene worked well for Draco. (It also gave us one of the best lines in the movie. Bloody chicken…bloody *Hagrid*. Heesh.) In COS, it showed that Draco used the ‘m’ word only as a weapon against Hermione, because she insulted his place on the team. In POA, (memory of this is fuzzy), Draco jumped in front of Buckbeak only after Harry did, to prove that whatever Harry could do, he could do. Preferably better, and maybe even with a furry hat, like he later has. (I can't have been the only one who liked the furry hat, can I?)

Well, now that I've successfully overreacted, anyone want to over-react with me? Thoughts, please.

x-posted at my journal.

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Friday, July 2nd, 2004

[ @ time ] 11:04 pm


[ thought ] Taxonomy Taxonomy!

I hope it's alright for me to post this, but I just can't keep this to myself! I've made a discovery!

I just noticed this! How could I have not noticed this before!? Jo states, about Ron on her website that:

Ron was the only one of three major characters whose surname never changed; he has been 'Weasley' from start to finish. In Britain and Ireland the weasel has a bad reputation as an unfortunate, even malevolent, animal. However, since childhood I have had a great fondness for the family mustelidae; not so much malignant as maligned, in my opinion. (emphasis entirley mine)

JK states her fondness for the entire mustilidae family, not just "weasels." And guess which animal is in the mustilidae family, and actually very very closly related to the aforementioned weasel? The Ferret! Take note of how she specifically notes Unfortunate, even malevolent, animal; and not so much malignant as maligned.

I love you Jo, and your "subtle" hints. But you just can't hide it from me! I love my general knowledge of taxonomy! ::hugs for canon draco fans all around::

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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

[ @ time ] 6:35 pm


[ thought ] Your favorite Draco scene
[ mood of the moment ] chipper

Dear fellow trip_jinxers who don't talk *g*:

I am just wondering aloud here, which canon Draco scene(s)do you like the most, why, and which do you believe reveal the most about his personality/character?

For me it's the bouncing ferret scene in GOF(though it's also one that is the most painful to read), as we get to see a wider-than-usual emotional span of Draco during that scene. In the beginning he was being his annoying self, taunting Ron by making fun of his mother's figure. Then Harry retorted by implying that Draco's mother did not even like to be around him, and Draco's face fell. We can tell he was angrier than usual because Harry had insulted him worse before (eg. pity your broom doesn't come with extra hands to help you catch the snitch, I can tell the wrong sort myself thanks), but somehow while he could take personal insults reasonably well, when Harry made a slight remark about Draco's mother and her relationship with him, he snapped. Draco was so furious that for once he did not care about doing something clearly against school rule in front of people who could report him, or like what did happen later professors other than Snape. I thought it was an interesting insight into Draco's mentality- family before self, possibly?

Then came the bouncing (*hisses*), and McGonagall's rescue, and I loooooove, love how even though he was clearly in pain, he picked himself off the floor. And he_would_not_cry. It's interesting to note that only a year before when he got hurt by Buckbeak, he was being a perfect drama queen with all the moaning and the infamous 'it killed me!!' exclamation. But this round he neither made a big fuss about it (and humiliated himself further), nor did he cower before fake Moody (like people who regard Draco as but a coward would expect him to). In fact, the way he looked defiantly up at Moody, reminded me of how Harry dealt with Umbridge (the 'I shall not lie' punishment), the same quiet defiance.

So in these few pages, we see Draco Malfoy from being gossipy, to nasty, to insecure, to angry, to pround and rather strong. But there is one side of him that I like a lot that wasn't in that scene- when he is bored and/or resigned. I think Draco is the funniest when he is trapped and cannot do much about the situation. Like since he couldn't get Hagrid sacked, he resorted to making wry remarks about Hagrid's multi-purpose pet monsters. And it was rather cute of him (excuse my strange definition of 'cute')to grab Neville from the back as a joke in the FF- a rather unusual method of dealing with his own fear.

Other than the ferret scene, I also like the Madam Malkin's robe shop scene a lot, it showed this kid Draco in his truest (thus far in the series), because back then Harry had only begun to know him, and Draco was only putting on a show (he always did)for this stranger boy alone. Not his friends, not his enemies. I adore how Draco was trying to be a perfect diplomat but failing completely, I adore how he thought he was smart but really he was just clueless. I adore how he was actually the ONLY kid who was trying to befriend Harry even before knowing who he was.

So, tell me about your favorite Draco scenes?

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

[ @ time ] 1:00 pm


[ thought ] Draco as a villain
[ mood of the moment ] contemplative

X-posted from my journal.. As I was saying the major villains in the HP series thus far can be roughly categorized as :

1. The unsuspected, innocent-looking ones

Professor Quirrel, Tom Riddle, Peter Pettigrew, and Fake!Moody.

2. The never-been-seen-as-nice, but worse than they appeared ones

Gilderoy Lockhart, Rita Skeeter, Lucius Malfoy, and Dolores Umbridge.

3. The obviously bad ones

Voldermort, Bellatrix Black and some other DEs who debuted in the graveyard scene.

4. The complex, semi-good ones

So far, only Severus Snape is for sure under this category.

5. The obviously bad, but in a relatively minor way ones

The Dursleys (though I’m not completely sure about Dudley and Petunia), Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and bunch of other Slytherin students.

I think Draco is equally likely to end the series being 2, 4 or 5. Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

[ @ time ] 11:19 am


[ thought ] your bloody chicken
[ mood of the moment ] whiny and bratty and abused

Hey there! Because I don't want this community to convulse and die before the fun has started, I propose a discussion.

Okay, so the hot topic right now is PoA, which means spoilers, which means a lj-cut.Collapse )

And some very good Draco essays have been written on lj this week. I especially recommend:

spare_change's Draco and the Dementors, or: Why Death-Eater Orgies Are Canon, a take on the abused Draco trope and the equal validity of different canon interpretations.

sistermagpie's Truth in different scenes, an explanation of why Draco in both the Borgin and Burkes scene and the Hippogryff scene feels very sympathetic to so many readers.

butterfly's commentary of that Hermione/Draco scene, and the morals of violent heroes. Also why many Draco fans were not disappointed with the whiny brat of the PoA movie. (Here's a more general character study of Draco.)

eta: Naturally, feel free to post links to any post/essay you feel give interesting insight in Draco's character, and don't feel ashamed to pimp your own.

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

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[ thought ] time to post
[ mood of the moment ] nerdy

Oooh, new people. New people is good.

The new layout is shiny! Thanks, __hibiscus! I love that Draco is holding the Monster Book of Monsters. It should be the title of his biography.

Alright, I am now the owner of . I only need to send off the signed contract (which I am going to do as soon as I leave the office) and then we can start uploading stuff. Before doing that, though, I think we need to organise our work a bit. Or, my work, anyway. I accept suggestions, you know. :)

So I was thinking the site’s gonna have three main subsections: text, subtext and fandom. Fandom I still haven’t thought much about, since this site isn’t about fanon Draco, so it will probably be just a collection of links to fanfic archives and other nifty derivative things. We could also write some essay to explain what fDraco is and how he relates to cDraco and how fDraco was born and yadda yadda yadda. So this is a draft for the three main sections:Collapse )

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Thursday, May 20th, 2004

[ @ time ] 7:23 pm


[ thought ] Bahhhh I'm lazy.
[ mood of the moment ] busy

Can't be bothered to code so I'll just settle with default component for now, anyone who has S2 know-how and is interested in modifying the community into a more Dracoish look (... whatever that is) please come forward, I'll gladly give you the password and let you do all the work.

I realize that most of us are busy and are spending way too much time in fadom(s) as it is, so just post here when you are a bit more emotionally available than usual? I really like malafede's idea about a comprehensive Draco site, as opposed to the millions (gross exaggeration) of TM-lusting and/or fanon!Draco sites out there. So let's help her out shall we?

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