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Hey there! Because I don't want this community to convulse and die before the fun has started, I propose a discussion.

Okay, so the hot topic right now is PoA, which means spoilers, which means

I was thinking, to get the discussion kicking, to simply start with throwing in our general opinions on the adaptation of Draco's character in the POA movie and see what it spawns. I especially am curious to know your reactions to the punch scene, which seems to be everybody's hot button. Just give us your two cents. If the need for more specific discussions arises, we can always start new threads.

And some very good Draco essays have been written on lj this week. I especially recommend:

spare_change's Draco and the Dementors, or: Why Death-Eater Orgies Are Canon, a take on the abused Draco trope and the equal validity of different canon interpretations.

sistermagpie's Truth in different scenes, an explanation of why Draco in both the Borgin and Burkes scene and the Hippogryff scene feels very sympathetic to so many readers.

butterfly's commentary of that Hermione/Draco scene, and the morals of violent heroes. Also why many Draco fans were not disappointed with the whiny brat of the PoA movie. (Here's a more general character study of Draco.)

eta: Naturally, feel free to post links to any post/essay you feel give interesting insight in Draco's character, and don't feel ashamed to pimp your own.
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When I first saw PoA, I left seething about the Hermione-Sue. My mother knows how very concerned I always am with Draco and asked why I wasn't having rants about him being so whiny. To which I said plainly, "Well, he IS whiny." Then I got sick and couldn't think much about it. But after I got better and got over the destruction of Hermione, I moved on to the more normal Draco ranting. The wand/punch Hermione scene seemed to be everyone's big problem. I'm more worried why Draco's supposed "cronies" weren't threatening her right back. And for a while I argued that Draco should have just laughed at her. Maybe if it were someone else he would have. But Hermione is top in the class. She's the one who beats him on all his exams and whatnot. So she obviously could do some damage. So his reaction makes sense. If it were Ron and he just cowered I would have been livid. But I can understand it with Hermione. The running away was annoying because I think he would have at least tried to remain dignified about it. As one of those essays points out, he does that after being turned into a ferret and thrashed against walls. I'd imagine that's much more painful than a punch from a girl.

Then there was the Hogsmeade scene. Which wasn't canon and therefore annoying. In the book it's a race to see who gets back to the school first to tattle. That's very different from the running in fear that we got in the movie. But the difference is that Harry's head didn't appear. So while the change makes the movie less accurate in terms of story, I'm not so sure it does anything to Draco's canon character-ness. From what I remember he is pretty freaked out before Harry's head pops out. And since that never happened, there was nothing to change the first reaction.

The problem I have with movie Draco is not what's in there but what isn't. I like that Draco left Hogsmeade just to rat on Harry. I like that Draco knew about Sirius when Harry didn't. And I love that he made Harry and Ron do his work in Potions class. There should have been more milking of the hurt arm. Once you take all that stuff out he's just left with "whiny." And while I know that's a huge part of his character, it's a shame to reduce it to the only part.

OH! I almost forgot. The scene with Buckbeak was horrid. I think that's how most people who read the book remember it and that makes me even more sad. Buckbeak bowed to Draco before attacking him. Draco did not just run up to the thing calling it names. He didn't hear when Hagrid said not to insult it. Once you take all that away it's just Draco being an idiot. It's hard to justify why the hippogriff should be killed in that version.

Anyhow, I shouldn't read lots of character study essays. I always feel like I've entered some alternate dimension where people are analyzing me and that freaks me out to no end. Maybe I should stop picking favorite characters that are just male versions of myself. Hrm.
I think Steve Klove is a bad adaptive writer.. though of course I wouldn't/shouldn't expect him to follow canon scene by scene as it's just impossible, I still reckon he has injected too much of his own interpretations and worse, wishful thinking (re: Hermione especially)to the script, while paid too little attention to the secondary characters. Movie!Draco thus lacked a real 'personality', even though he was still likeable (at least to ME)because he had some of Draco's attitudes and ways of carrying himself (the 'outward'parts of him)nailed. Like his Potter-obsession (pushed the kids in front of him away so he could get a better look at Harry getting killed by interacting with Buckbeak), and his better-than-thou arrogance. But Tom Felton still hasn't mastered Draco's cold nastiness and bored drawl though, he seemed too... warm.