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We love canon!Draco ...

... for various bizarre reasons. Yeah.

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"So it came up in_rp_zeal_’s journal that there’s no comprehensive Draco site on the net. Why is that? I mean, a site with the Draco love and the Draco meta and the Draco info. It would be nice. I have a half idea to make one myself… we could call it tripjinx.org (which I feel like totally encompasses all that is Draco), and have different sections for the text, the subtext, the speculations, the fandom… wouldn’t it be nice?" said malafede.

This community is set up for canon-detail-obsessing Draco maniacs to discuss about what to put in the tripjinx site, and other maintenance issues etc. Anyone who feels like to contribute their ideas will be welcome to join.
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